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Are you a first-time parent?

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Learn fundamental aspects of a family from this book. Examples taught here are family heritage, a sense of belonging for your child and righteousness in the family.

Bible Verses About Fathers

Further, impart the importance of affection for fellow kinsmen and virtues of godliness. Basic values of a family are sharing, caring and being there for one another. Find out how to achieve these through holding family get-togethers, delightful vacations, and other fun activities. Perhaps the biggest benefit here is the fact that you learn how to create a prayer notebook. Many parents these days try to restrain the behavior of their kids as if they were animals.

If you are one of them, Paul David Tipp challenges you to introduce godly values to your child. After that, let him enjoy his or her youthfulness without the cultural stereotyping. This book is ideal for parents raising teens. Also, teachers, religious leaders and people in authority will benefit from the sensible advice. When you implement these strategies, your teens will avoid the dangers of the often turbulent transition into adulthood. This book delivers hope for all dysfunctional families. It also instructs parents from diverse or conflicting cultures that they are not alone in bearing the burden of parenting.

If you belong to this category, learn to trust God and allow Him to help your nurturing of Christian children. As the world becomes sophisticated, it is easy for children to be lost in all the confusion. This resource reminds you that it is your responsibility to lead these children from bewilderment to righteousness. This applies not only to biological parents but also step parents.

God created the first family with a grand plan in mind. More importantly, she urges women to make disciples out of the ordinary people under their households. The author has a deep passion to motivate you to love and cherish your children properly. The book does not promise an easy ride for parents of this generation. It borrows teachings from real stories in the Bible. It is an easy read, thanks to its careful description of case studies. In the end, you will comprehend the greater context of biblical teachings.

Since a family is the smallest unit of the world, make yours as strong as possible. Charles Swindoll is one of the most experienced teachers of the Bible. Learn how to avoid sin in times of temptation and how to remain steadfast in the treacherous modern world. There are five devotionals that you should observe daily for 26 weeks.

This observance develops a candid ability to respond positively when challenges threaten to break your faith apart. Learn how to stand firm for the benefit of your family and your faith. However, not many people are blessed with this. You will obtain practical solutions to common childhood threats such as indulgence in alcohol and drugs, pop culture and destructive sexual awareness. The fact that these solutions come from actual stories in the Bible is worth noting. Ultimately, you will discard old methods of imparting Christian discipline and embrace effective strategies.

The authors here are mother and daughter, who understand effective teachings from the Bible as far as parenting is concerned. Learn graceful steps of winning your children to Christ even if you think they are the worst rebels. The authors persist on the importance of grace as opposed to the mediocre observation of ineffective set of rules. Transform your children from being merely good to being actively graceful.

This book deviates slightly from the theme of the aforementioned Christian books. It features unapologetically humorous yet true assertions that women must fight for their position in society. It arms women with fundamental weapons to wage the gender war in the unforgiving environment of the modern society. You will be relieved of the burden of staying in the shadows of other people. Through Christian values of love, hard work, respect for all, self-esteem and grace, this book teaches contemporary women how to break from limiting stereotypes, self-pity, shame, ridicule, and guilt.

Donald S. Whitney is the distinguished author of numerous Christian books. In this one, he talks about the importance of assembling your family for prayer daily. He maintains that God manifests Himself in a prayerful family. It is, therefore, ideal for any type of family from across all social classes. It underlines the power of transformative Christian hymns, Bible reading and meaningful prayers at home. As children grow up, they imitate the healthy habit and embrace them even as they enter adulthood.

At the back of the book, find a carefully written guide for small discussion groups.

Since God calls fathers to be the head of the household, men must embrace the responsibility head on. This author delivers direct guidelines on how you, as a man can shepherd your children, family, and community towards Godly values. Leading by example is the best type of discipleship. John McArthur draws inspiration from his life as a parent to pen a must-have resource. All male parents will benefit from the straightforward instructions contained here. Learn what character qualities are best for your child and find out the best teaching methods.

Do you find yourself thinking twice on how to best discipline your child? In the end, you will be a Godly father not just to your child but also to other kids in your community. Mark Batterson insists that you should teach your children fundamental life lessons before the world does. He draws advice from the Bible and constructs practical advice carefully. Here, learn how to tailor-make prayer items to suit the needs of your family.

Eventually, you will bring out individual talents, interests, and inspirations from all your children. In a straightforward manner, Elizabeth George emphasizes practical tips that mothers must always use to pass spiritual messages to their offspring. You will fall in love with chapter 10, as it summarizes top five prayer items for children- salvation, friends, purity, school, and church. The author lets you comprehend the fact that successful parenting starts with a healthy relationship with God. Know what the gospel says about responsible adulthood then excel at it. After appreciating the need of a connection with your maker, learn how to practice valuable values at home.

Right from the day your child is born, you effectively pass on Godly attributes to him or her. Examples are daily prayer, forgiveness, humility, gratitude, faithfulness, love, and understanding among others. Do you think your children are struggling with sin? Here is an opportunity for you to help them turn towards righteousness. This book outlines more than sins that typical young people encounter regularly. As it prepares you for the inevitable, it highlights approaches towards curbing the most common sins and misdeeds.

Examples are lying, stealing, fighting and greed. You will find it a good read not just for counseling your own kids, but also guiding others in your extended family, neighborhood, and society in general. Experience is the best teacher. While it expands the roles of parents, it emphasizes Christian righteousness.

10 Scriptures of Hope for the Single Mom

Although the testimonies are personal, they apply to innumerable families in the modern era. After all, what your child is going through has already been experienced by other kids ahead of him. Therefore, this is a practical roadmap towards winning your child to Christ. Discover the impact of disciplining your child, teaching about sin, the human heart, obedience, and the gospel of Christ. Let your child understand these facets of Christianity from the insights therein. This book provides solid Biblical foundations on which a child can establish his or her life.

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This resource delivers these procedures without missing a point. Susan Merrill is a passionate mom. She dares to ask herself what she can do to help in times of disillusionment. Travel with her as she highlights the simple yet often confusing logistics of motherhood. Have you sometimes lost the passion for parenting? Through this book, you will reignite that spark and learn the Godly ways of protecting, teaching, loving, providing and guiding your loved ones. In the end, that spark might as well become a full-blown flame.

These Christian authors bring their minds together to write a step-by-step parenting guide. It carefully and efficiently distinguishes active counsel from worthless and potentially harmful advice. Coming across many ideas in your parenting journey is a fact. Sift through these ideas with a biblical philosophy filter and extract the most useful inspirations. Most importantly creatively teach them the Christian truth. The Christian Parenting Handbook - Dr. Also, the guide helps you inculcate wisdom and Godly grace in the child.

It is ideal for first-time mothers. The fact that African-American single mothers face huge challenges cannot be overemphasized. This book takes you to the homes of several such mothers who have overcome great adversity.

New Testament Bible Verses for New Moms

It compares Biblical scenarios to modern challenges and affords spiritual guidelines. Benefit from the advice of similarly distraught parents. Throughout the pages, African-American mother gains valuable information on parenting in tough economic, social and political times.

Watch with joy as your son transcends numerous cultural stereotypes and physical hardships into a well-molded admirable young man. Here, Dr. Emerson Eggerich talks at length on how to make your child feel loved. Of interest here is how it helps you deal with the challenge of disrespect, ridicule or hatred by your own children. It sheds light on dealing with teens and adult children to avoid a bitter, shameful and regrettable altercation.

The author talks about the dangerous Family Craze Cycle, a phenomenon which most families encounter. In straightforward yet comprehensible manner, he tells you how to avoid the undesirable cycle if it is absent and how to break free whenever it strikes. Humans have invented numerous misconceptions about parenting. For this reason, this book examines top 12 myths and efficiently dispels them. More importantly, find the truths surrounding what God calls you to do as the leader of your family.

Find practical insights towards connecting with your children. You will no longer endure the burden of parenting, but enjoy the privilege of being called dad or mom. This resource helps you become loving, playful and merciful towards your young ones. It requests you to understand them first and let them understand you in return. It talks about the increasingly hostile world and the fact that your children will occasionally face tough times.

As the family unit is shaken to the core, know how to depend on God not just for survival but also for prosperity. Dave Stone manages to highlight various approaches to successful parenting for the benefit of the family. You will learn how to instill selfless attributes to your loved ones.

God's Promises for Your Child - It's Supernatural with Sid Roth - Mike Shreve

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim adSarah and Sally provide a Christian remedy to hurting parents. Read this book anytime your energy levels go down. It tells the story of a young mother who struggled with her children to a point of desperation. Learn how she overcame her worst fears. It also features useful advice from a mentor who personally went through the challenges of raising four children singlehandedly.

After reading, you will never have to bury your face under the blanket crying. Children are prone to numerous pitfalls, especially in the sophistication of the modern world. You need this book to invite God to take care of their character, faith, relationships, safety and future.

10 Scriptures of Hope for the Single Mom

Its author uses the Bible to explain how God wants you to turn your loved ones to him because they are His. The book is filled with Biblical case studies and real life examples of parenting. With this resource, you can avoid the drawbacks that most parents go through. Also, discover how effective the prayers of a parent are to their children. The author developed the good habit of regular prayer.

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