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LOQI TRANSPARENT Think Outside the Bag Bag

That trend toward vegetables will only continue. And those consumers want fresh. The drive toward real food explains why Morrison would invest in baby carrots—a product closer to a commodity than a processed good.

Packaged fresh! The authenticity. The Irony, of course, is that in order to make money from a raw carrot, Morrison must make it a bit less authentic.

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Retailers can have their own brand—a private label. But if you take the carrot and you do something interesting, that lends itself to the brand of Bolthouse baby carrots. The ultimate manifestation of that are veggie snackers—the flavored baby carrots.

You take a basic commodity and you add value. Not everyone is convinced. And the vocal champions of healthier eating may not endorse powder-coated carrots, fruit in tubes or the other innovations that mark the intersection of the fresh-food craze and the persistent clamor for convenience.

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So Morrison forges on. One of her latest moves: the acquisition of Plum Organics baby food, a company created for the kind of millennial parents who like the idea of home-cooked vegetables for their babies until they realize how hard it is to pull off in a two-career household. Small, local actions help make an impact and bring about local change.

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Here are some things you can do right now:. Have other questions about bag reduction and single-use waste? Bugged about bags?

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Get in touch with us at info zerowasteyukon. Creating a system that rewards reuse Getting to Zero Waste is about engaging citizens and using our collective power to change the systems around us. Why bags?

TRANSPARENT Think Outside the Bag Bag

Take Action! Here are some things you can do right now: Bring Your Own Bag and encourage your friends and family to do the same! Tell local retailers and politicians you want to see concrete actions to reduce single-use consumption! The project enables students, teachers, and policy makers to influence how their food is produced and where it comes from, through concrete school projects in areas of:.

Think Outside the Brown Bag Lunch — Food Practices on School Days Study Underway October 30, Parents, teachers, and school-aged children alike all know that it is a task simply to get kids up, ready, out of the house, and to school on time. Connect with TEGS.