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If you are not the copyright holder or its agent and if the content is clearly infringing the copyright of a well-known work, please select "Infringes a well-known work" from the dropdown menu. Fifty nine Homilies upon several Subjects, which follow after those of Statues. Collections out of several Passages of St.

Chrysostom, ed. A Sermon concerning false Prophets, ed. A Sermon upon the beginning of the Year, v. A Discourse of the Circus. Against those that fell asleep upon Whitsunday, ed.

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A Sermon upon the Drought that was among the Inhabitants of Theophania, ed. Moral Sermons. AN Homily of Penance, ed. The 2d. The 4th.

The 5th. The 6th. The 7th. The 8th. The 9th. The 10th. The 11th. Combesis, with a Translation at Paris, in The Sermon concerning Anathema's, ed. Two Discourses of Prayer, ed.

Two Sermons of Alms-deeds and Hospitality, ed. Another Sermon of Alms, ed. A Sermon against Gluttony, falsly Intituled, The 6th. Discourse, concerning Providence, ed. A Sermon against Laziness, ed. A Discourse of Meekness, ed. A Sermon concerning the Choice of a Wife, ed. Two Homilies against those that Fast at Easter, and with the Jews, ed. An Homily against Despair, ed. A Sermon against discovering our Brethren's Faults, ed. A Sermon shewing that we should not Preach to please, ed. Three Sermons of Penance, ed. Another Sermon of Penance, ed.

A Sermon of Prayer, ed. An Homily against Hypocrisie, ed. A Sermon of Fasting, ed. A Sermon of Fasting, and of Alms-giving, ed. Several Sermons of Fasting, ed. A Sermon of Alms-deeds, ed. Several Homilies about Providence, Riches, and Poverty, ed. A Sermon against Swearing, ibid.

A Sermon against those that live in Pleasures, ibid. That none should mourn excessively for the Dead, ed. A Sermon of Faith, Hope, and Charity, ed. Spiritual Admonitions, ed. Two Homilies of spiritual Warfare, ed. A Sermon of Vertue, ibid. A Sermon of the Salvation of the Soul, ibid. A Sermon to prove that a Disciple of Jesus Christ must be meek, ed. Sermons of Charity and Meekness, ed. Other Moral Sermons, which are Collections out of St. Chrysostom, ibid. A Sermon against those that accuse Priests of living at ease, taken out of St. A Discourse against those that abused Virgins Consecrated to God, ed.

Sermons upon Festival Days. AN Homily upon Christmas, ed. A Sermon of Jesus Christ's Nativity, ed. An Homily of Christ's Baptism, ed. A Sermon upon the Holy Week, ed. An Homily upon Christ's Passion, ed. An Homily concerning the Cross and the Thief, ed. An Homily of Christ's Resurrection, ed. A Sermon upon Easter, ed. A Sermon upon the Ascension, ed.

Theodore’s Pedagogy

Four Sermons upon the Ascension, P. Two Sermons upon Pentecost, ed. Spurious Books. An Homily upon the Annunciation, Ed. Sermons upon the same Subject, Ed. A Sermon upon Christmas, v. Three other Sermons upon the same Festival, Ed. Two Sermons upon the Theophany, Ed. An Homily of Circumcision, and concerning Simeon, Ed. Gregory Thaumaturgus, ed. An Homily upon Mid-Lent, ed.

An Homily of Judas his Treason, ed. An Homily upon Good-Friday, ed. An Homily upon the Good Thief, ed. A Sermon upon the Passion, ed. A Sermon concerning the Cross, ed. A second Sermon upon the same Subject, ed. A third Sermon, ed. A fourth, about the Worship of the Cross, ed.

A Sermon of the Exaltation of the Cross, ed. An Homily upon Palm-Sunday, ed. A Sermon of the Resurrection, ed. Another Sermon upon Christ's Resurrection, ed. An Homily upon Easter, v. Seven Discourses upon the Fast of Easter, ed. Sermons upon Ascension and Whitsunday, ibid. Sermons upon Ascension, ed. An Homily on Whitsunday, ed. An Homily between Easter and Whitsunday, ed.

An Homily upon the Feast of Pentecost, ed. An Homily on Christ's second coming, ed. Sermons upon the Saints. A Panegyrick upon all the Saints, Ed. A Panegyrick upon all the holy Martyrs, Ed. An Homily concerning the Martyrs, Ed. A Fragment of an Homily in praise of Abraham, Ed. Three Homilies upon the Maccabees, and their Mother, Ed.

A Discourse of St. Peter and Elias, Ed. Seven Homilies in praise of St. Paul, Ed. A Panegyrick upon St. Ignatius, Ed. Panegyrick upon St. Babylas, Ed. Philogonius, ed. Eustatbius, ed. A Sermon upon the S S. Pelagia, Ed. A Sermon upon S. Romanus, Martyr of Antioch, Ed. Barlaam, Ed. Panegyrick upon S. Lucian Martyr, Ed. Panegyrick upon Julian Martyr, Ed.

An Homily upon the Egyptian Martyrs, Ed. Phocas, Ed. Thecla, Ed.

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An Homily upon S. Bassus, Edit. A Panegyrick upon S. Drosis, Edit. A Sermon concerning Joseph and Chastity, Ed. A Discourse about Elias the Prophet, Ed. Upon S. John 's Conception, Ed.

The Fathers of the Church

John, Ed. Two Sermons upon S. Two other Sermons upon S. A Sermon upon the Twelve Apostles, Ed. Peter and S. A Sermon of S. Thomas, Ed. Another Sermon upon S. Stephen, Ed. Three others, Ed. John the Evangelist, Ed. A second Sermon upon S. Romanus, Ed. Chrysostom's Treatises. A Book against the Gentiles, Ed. A Treatise against those who find fault with a Monastick Life, Edit. A Comparison betwixt a Monk and a King, Ed. A Treatise against such as will be scandalized without a cause, Edit. Two Discourses to Theodorus, the second ought to be placed first, Ed. Six Books of the Priesthood, Ed.

A Treatise of Compunction of heart to Demetrius, Ed. A Treatise of Virginity, Ed. Two Discourses against Womens dwelling with Clergymen, Ed. Another Discourse shewing, That a Clergyman ought not to use jesting, Ed. Two Discourses to a Young Widow, Ed. A Treatise to shew that no man can be offended but by himself, Edit. Two Letters to Pope Innocent, Ed. Two hundred forty two Letters to Olympias and others, Ed. Liturgy, Edition Eton, v. A Fragment produced by Theodoret, in his Second Dialogue. Other Fragments produced by Gelasius in the Book of the two Natures.

Books Lost. A Discourse against Covetousness. Chrysostom 's. Six Sermons of the Creation of the World. A Discourse against Novatus, and several Sermons. Eleven Sermons on different Subjects. Extracts of several others related by Photius. Several other Sermons. Genuine Book.

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A Letter to John of Jerusalem. A Synodical Letter against Origen. A Letter to Rufinus. A Letter to Venerius. A Treatise of the Incarnation.

Augustine: The Rule Of Faith Is The Apostles’ Creed | The Heidelblog

Supposititious Books. A Discourse upon the Beatitudes. Commentaries upon the whole Gospel of St. Several Sermons. Supposititious Book.

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Letter of Chromacius to St. Nineteen Sermons. Four small Treatises. The Life of St. JOHN of Jerusalem. Book Lost. An Apologetick against his Enemies. Treatise to Caprasius of the Institution of Monks. Three Paschal Letters, among the Works of St. Three other Letters, ibid. Five Canonical Letters. A Treatise against Origen. A Treatise against the Anthropomorphites. A Cycle of the Feast of Easter. A Treatise to the Monks of Scitha, written against St. John Chrysostom. Two first Paschal Letters, and the Sixth.

Life of St. Genuine Works. Paul the Hermit, St. Hilarion and Malchus contained in the first Tome of his Works. A Treatise against Helvidius. Two Books against Jovinian. A Letter and Treatise against Vigilantius. A Letter to Marcella against Montanus. A Letter to Riparius against Vigilantius. A Letter to Apronius against the Origenists. Two Letters to Damasus upon the Hypostases. A Dialogue against the Luciferians.

A Letter to Avitus, concerning the Errours of Origen. A Translation of the Letter of St. Epiphanius to John of Jerusalem. A Letter to Theophilus against the same. Three Books of Apology against Rufinus. Three Letters to Theophilus. A Letter against Vigilantius. Some other Letters on divers Subjects of Doctrine, particularly to St. Fifty Critical Letters or thereabouts, upon the Holy Scriptures. Letters to Minerius and Paulinus.

A New Version from the Hebrew Text. Eighteen Books of Commentaries upon Isaiah. Or what is the good of all else to me, if I have not God? Then it came to his flesh, he was stricken with a wound from head to foot; he was one running sore, one mass of crawling worms: and showed himself immovable in his God , stood fixed. The woman wanted, devil's helper as she was not husband's comforter, to put him up to blaspheme God.

How long, said she, do you suffer so and so; speak some word against the Lord, and die. So then, because he had been brought low, he was to be exalted. And this the Lord did, in order to show it to men; as for His servant, He kept greater things for him in heaven. So then Job who was brought low, He exalted; the devil who was lifted up, He brought low: for He puts down one and sets up another.

But let not any man, my beloved brethren, when he suffers any such-like tribulations, look for a reward here: for instance, if he suffer any losses, let him not perhaps say, The Lord gave, the Lord has taken away; as it pleased the Lord, so is it done: blessed be the name of the Lord; only with the mind to receive twice as much again. Let patience praise God , not avarice. If what you have lost you seek to receive back twofold, and therefore praisest God , it is of covetousness you praise, not of love. Do not imagine this to be the example of that holy man; you deceive yourself.

When Job was enduring all, he was not hoping for to have twice as much again. Both in his first confession when he bore up under his losses, and bore out to the grave the dead bodies of his sons, and in the second when he was now suffering torments of sores in his flesh, you may observe what I am saying. Of his former confession the words run thus: The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away: as it pleased the Lord, so is it done: blessed be the name of the Lord. He might have said, The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; He that took away can once more give; can bring back more than He took.

He said not this, but, As it pleased the Lord, said he, so is it done: because it pleases Him, let it please me: let not that which has pleased the good Lord misplease His submissive servant; what pleased the Physician, not misplease the sick man. Hear his other confession: You have spoken, said he to his wife, like one of the foolish women.

If we have received good at the hand of the Lord, why shall we not bear evil? He did not add, what, if he had said it, would have been true. The Lord is able both to bring back my flesh into its former condition, and that which He has taken away from us, to make manifold more: lest he should seem to have endured in hope of this.

This was not what he said, not what he hoped. But, that we might be taught, did the Lord that for him, not hoping for it, by which we should be taught, that God was with him: because if He had not also restored to him those things, there was the crown indeed, but hidden, and we could not see it. And therefore what says the divine Scripture in exhorting to patience and hope of things future, not reward of things present? You have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord. Why is it, the patience of Job, and not, You have seen the end of Job himself?

You would open your mouth for the twice as much; would say, Thanks be to God ; let me bear up: I receive twice as much again, like Job. Patience of Job, end of the Lord. The patience of Job we know , and the end of the Lord we know. What end of the Lord? My God , my God , why have You forsaken Me? They are the words of the Lord hanging on the cross. He did as it were leave Him for present felicity, not leave Him for eternal immortality. In this is the end of the Lord. The Jews hold Him, the Jews insult, the Jews bind Him, crown Him with thorns, dishonor Him with spitting, scourge Him, overwhelm Him with revilings, hang Him upon the tree, pierce Him with a spear, last of all bury Him.

He was as it were left: but by whom?

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  6. By those insulting ones. Therefore you shall but to this end have patience, that you may rise again and not die, that is, never die, even as Christ. For so we read, Christ rising from the dead henceforth dies not. He ascended into heaven: believe. He sits at the right hand of the Father: believe. By sitting, understand dwelling: as [in Latin] we say of any person, In that country he dwelt sedit three years.

    The Scripture also has that expression, that such an one dwelt sedisse in a city for such a time. Not meaning that he sat and never rose up? On this account the dwellings of men are called seats sedes. Where people are seated in this sense , are they always sitting? Is there no rising, no walking, no lying down? And yet they are called seats sedes. In this way, then, believe an inhabiting of Christ on the right hand of God the Father: He is there. And let not your heart say to you, What is He doing? Do not want to seek what is not permitted to find: He is there; it suffices you.

    He is blessed, and from blessedness which is called the right hand of the Father , of very blessedness the name is, right hand of the Father. For if we shall take it carnally, then because He sits on the right hand of the Father , the Father will be on His left hand. Is it consistent with piety so to put Them together, the Son on the right, the Father on the left? There it is all right-hand, because no misery is there. Thence He shall come to judge the quick and dead. The quick, who shall be alive and remain; the dead, who shall have gone before. It may also be understood thus: The living, the just; the dead, the unjust.

    For He judges both, rendering unto each his own. To the just He will say in the judgment, Come, you blessed of My Father, receive the kingdom prepared for you from the beginning of the world. For this prepare yourselves, for these things hope, for this live, and so live, for this believe , for this be baptized , that it may be said to you, Come ye blessed of My Father, receive the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. To them on the left hand, what? Go into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels. Thus will they be judged by Christ, the quick and the dead.

    We have spoken of Christ's first nativity, which is without time; spoken of the other in the fullness of time, Christ's nativity of the Virgin; spoken of the passion of Christ; spoken of the coming of Christ to judgment. But not yet is the Trinity perfect. It follows in the Creed, And in the Holy Ghost. This Trinity, one God , one nature, one substance, one power; highest equality, no division, no diversity, perpetual dearness of love.

    Would ye know the Holy Ghost , that He is God? Be baptized , and you will be His temple. The Apostle says, Do you not know that your bodies are the temple within you of the Holy Ghost , Whom you have of God? A temple is for God: thus also Solomon, king and prophet , was bidden to build a temple for God.

    If he had built a temple for the sun or moon or some star or some angel , would not God condemn him? Because therefore he built a temple for God he showed that he worshipped God. And of what did he build? Of wood and stone, because God deigned to make unto Himself by His servant a house on earth, where He might be asked, where He might be had in mind. Of which blessed Stephen says, Solomon built Him a house; howbeit the Most High dwells not in temples made by hand.

    If then our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost , what manner of God is it that built a temple for the Holy Ghost? But it was God. For if our bodies be a temple of the Holy Ghost , the same built this temple for the Holy Ghost , that built our bodies. Listen to the Apostle saying, God has tempered the body, giving unto that which lacked the greater honor ; when he was speaking of the different members that there should be no schisms in the body. God created our body. The grass, God created; our body Who created?

    How do we prove that the grass is God's creating? He that clothes, the same creates. Read the Gospel , If then the grass of the fields, says it, which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven, God so clothes. He, then, creates Who clothes. And the Apostle: You fool, that which you sow is not quickened except it die; and that which you sow, you sow not that body that shall be, but a bare grain, as perchance of wheat, or of some other grain; but God gives it a body as He would, and to each one of seeds its proper body.

    If then it be God that builds our bodies, God that builds our members, and our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost , doubt not that the Holy Ghost is God. So believe ye. It follows after commendation of the Trinity, The Holy Church. God is pointed out, and His temple.

    For the temple of God is holy , says the Apostle, which temple are you. This same is the holy Church, the one Church, the true Church, the catholic Church, fighting against all heresies : fight, it can: be fought down, it cannot. As for heresies , they went all out of it, like as unprofitable branches pruned from the vine: but itself abides in its root, in its Vine, in its charity. The gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Forgiveness of sins. You have [this article of] the Creed perfectly in you when you receive Baptism.

    Let none say, I have done this or that sin : perchance that is not forgiven me. What have you done? How great a sin have you done? Name any heinous thing you have committed, heavy, horrible, which you shudder even to think of: have done what you will: have you killed Christ? There is not than that deed any worse, because also than Christ there is nothing better. What a dreadful thing is it to kill Christ! Yet the Jews killed Him, and many afterwards believed on Him and drank His blood: they are forgiven the sin which they committed.