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Phoenix and Kymera she looks like she is the future kid of Storm and Black Panther talk about how they want to throw Past Beast into the sun because of how much of a headache he is.

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Wolverine says that the decision has already been made on what to do with the time traveling trio. Colossus tells Wolverine that she is not going to stop her from helping his little sister. Magneto wonders if Cyclops has a plan on what they will do next.

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Cyclops says he is working on one. Just there is a blinding flash in front of the Uncanny X-Men.

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End of issue. Commentary The Good : Through the simple act of showing us what happens to the X-Men in the future if the original X-Men stayed in the present, Brian Bendis wrote the most engaging chapter of this crossover. When it comes to the X-Men and their future it has never been one filled with happiness. The typical time travel X-Men stories have is one where the X-Men have a negative future.

Just the fact that the Jean Grey School is still around even after what happened with the assassination of Dazzler reminds us that we still have a long way to go before things are resolved in this crossover. There are still things we do not know about this story. I also got to give Bendis credit for making this other group of Future X-Men an intriguing dynamic, especially with how they interacted with Magik, Past Beast and Past Iceman.

It was actually quite refreshing to see that the X-Men actually seem to have a positive future.


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X-Men: Battle of the Atom by Brian Michael Bendis

We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. The future Brotherhood manage to ambush them and kidnap teen Iceman and Beast, taking them into the school.

X-Men: Battle of the Atom Vol 1 1

Charles Jr then uses his telepathic powers to take control of Krakoa and subdue the rest of the X-Men, whilst the rest of the team work on sending the teens back to the past. The original five X-Men are loaded on to the time machine and future Beast starts it up. However, despite the machine working properly, the teens stay in the present, much to the confusion of the Brotherhood. To test the device Beast successfully sends Raze back in time and brings him back, proving the problem does not lie with the machine.

Cyclops, having broken free from Krakoa, catches up with the Brotherhood but Xorn telepathically distracts him long enough for them all to escape with the teen X-Men.

The X-Men also pick up on the alert, teleport to the base and engage the Brotherhood in combat. An adult Quentin Quire, the Phoenix-empowered version from the true, future X-Men, breaks the kidnapped teens free so they can join in the fight.

The various groups of X-Men leap into action and disarm a number of the missiles before they hit the ground. The future versions of Beast, Jubilee and Colossus are killed in fight as the carnage continues. After neutralizing the future Quentin, Xorn turns her attention to Wolverine and Cyclops.

Blaming them for the state of her future, she attacks them and eventually defeats them. However, before she can celebrate, the teen versions of the original five prepare to take her on. The fight is brief and, in the end, only the past Jean is left standing against Xorn, her future counterpart. Xorn begins to lose control of her powers and glows with energy as everyone else begins to back off.

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Unable to contain her powers, she dies in a huge explosion that damages many of the Sentinels and the helicarrier. Magik managed to teleport the X-Men out of the area before anyone was killed in the explosion. Back at the Jean Grey School, the future X-Men mourn their dead and prepare to travel back to the future. Rachel psi-scans Cape Citadel and discovers no bodies were found, indicating the surviving members of the future Brotherhood also escaped.

Release Date:. September to October Characters Involved.